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Under the Weather

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Lydia spent the better part of last night screaming in pain… which absolutely broke my heart. We got an early appointment with the pediatrician this morning, and she took one look at Lyd’s left ear and said, “We have a really bad infection here.” 😦 So, she got us an antibiotic, numbing drops and cough medicine. Poor girl is feeling a little better but still nothing like herself. I wish I could trade places with her…

After not a lot of sleep, no shower today and a to-do list a mile long… I was feeling just a little blah… but then I ventured over to my favorite Chick-fil-A and remembered the ultimate in comfort food… a #1 with a Diet Dr. Pepper (I even had a coupon for the DDP!) Gotta love the Christian chicken! 🙂

Today, I am very grateful for chicken sandwiches and incredible pediatricians and baby girls who are on the mend!

p.s. In the pic to the right, she had finally fallen asleep in the car coming back from the pediatrician’s office. Those long, dark eyelashes get me every time. Have I mentioned that I love this girl?


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