BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I love pizza… every kind… thin crust with crushed tomatoes, salty mozzarella and fresh basil, deep dish Chicago-style loaded with pepperonis, supreme topped with everything from the produce section. I like calzones and stuffed pizza… shoot, I even like Bagel Bites! ha!

Here is a new pizza recipe I came up with last week and I even used store-bought pizza dough to make it really easy. (My friend Jess thinks I’m crazy for making my own pizza dough, but I’ll admit the store-bought pizza dough was tasty and super easy!)

What you need: 1 lb of chicken breasts, 1 bottle of BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese (I like a LOT!), one red onion, 2 rolls of pizza dough

What you do: Chop up the red onion to your liking. I like big ole chunks, so I just do a coarse chop through my onion. Cook and shred chicken. (My favorite way to cook chicken for something like this is to boil it in my crock-pot with a cup of water on high for a few hours. This makes it shred really easily and I don’t have to watch a pot.) Mix chicken with half of the BBQ sauce. Open pizza dough and spread onto pizza stone (note: this recipe makes two pizzas!) Blind bake your dough according to package instructions. Spread remaining BBQ sauce on the pizza dough. Spread BBQ chicken, chopped red onion and mozzarella on top. Bake until crust is golden brown and cheese is bubbly. This is super easy and super YUMMY! Sorry for the not-so-great-taken-with-my-cell-phone-because-I-had-my-6-month-old-on-my-hip picture 🙂

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