Face scrub

Face scrub

My skin has been drier than the Sahara desert… not attractive at all. I was rummaging around in my bathroom closet searching for something to do a little robust exfoliating with when I realized I had chunked everything because it was so old. Hmm… what’s a girl to do?

Google, of course! Sure enough hundreds of recipes for homemade scrubs. My favorite- Honey Sugar Scrub. All you do is mix 1/2 teaspoon of sugar with 1 teaspoon of honey. Scrub it on your face and rinse well! It works great and leaves your skin super soft. Plus, I saw on Dr. Oz one day that honey is a natural antiseptic so it’s great for clearing up any blemishes too. And the best part- if it gets in your mouth, it tastes oh-so-yummy!

Does anyone else have any home creations you love? Do share!

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