Lessons from Steve

Lessons from Steve

We stumbled upon the movie Evan Almighty while we were flipping between football games Saturday. I walked away two hours later feeling challenged and convicted… say what?!?! That little movie packed quite a punch. “All it takes to change the world is a simple Act of Random Kindness” or an ARK (if you haven’t seen the movie, then I just look like an idiot right now, but watch the movie and it will make sense… maybe… you never know with me). Who knew so much truth could be found in a move starring Steve Carell?
Last year, Matt and I were dreaming of what this Christmas would be like with a little one. We talked about traditions we wanted to start and fun family outings. It’s really easy for Christmas to become about “me,” and we wanted to help our kids think about others. So, we decided every year one of the gifts we “give” our children will be a gift that doesn’t go to them, but rather goes to someone around the world.
We decided to go with Compassion since we have two adopted children through Compassion, and we visited their Christmas catalog to choose a gift. While we love the chickens and goats (I not-so-secretly want a chicken and a goat), we decided this year to give a Kit for a New Mom. It includes wellness check-ups, vaccinations and HIV prevention awareness. Since we are new parents, it seemed like a good match for us this year.
I am amazed by how such a small amount of money can make such a big difference in other places. Acts of random kindness… maybe Steve is onto something.

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