Imagine the end…

Imagine the end…

Tomorrow, Matt and I will have the joy of dedicating our sweet girl, Lydia Marie. As part of our homework leading up to dedication, we were asked to “imagine the end,” to write out what we want our daughter to become and who we want her to be when she leaves our home in eighteen years. There are big tears in my eyes right now because the last six months have gone by so very fast, and I’m afraid the next seventeen and a half years won’t move any more slowly. I am treasuring every single moment I have with our baby girl from our early morning snuggles to sweet potatoes being flung all over my shirt to giggles in the bathtub. On the eve of Lydia’s dedication, this is what I pray for my baby girl…

I pray that you will fall in love with your Savior. Lydia, there is nothing this world can offer that comes close to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I want you to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

I pray that you will love and serve God’s people. God has created you for a special purpose, and I look forward to watching you discover what that is and fulfill it. It is so rewarding to serve people, and there are a million different ways you can do this. I pray that you will find your unique role and that you will passionately serve people.

I pray that God’s Word will be alive in your life. I pray that you will memorize Scripture and that it will be the overflow of your heart. The truth of His Word is powerful. I pray that through trials you will cling to His Word because He will give you a peace that passes understanding.

I pray that you will find your worth in Christ. When I was pregant with you, Lydia, I prayed Acts 17:28 for your life, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” I pray that you resist the lies of this world that tell you that your self-worth is found in beauty or money or fame. I pray that Acts 17:28 would be the story of your life, that you would know you are special because you are child of God.

Lydia, there are so many things that I want you to know, but most of all I want you to know that you are loved by your daddy and me. But even more than that, you are loved by the Creator of the Universe. I pray that you would fall in love with your Savior at a very early age and that you would run hard after Him. I pray that your daddy and I will model this for you every day, and that you will see in us two imperfect people who love and serve a perfect God.

I love you, Lydia, and I cherish the joy of being your mom.

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