Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday… reunited with family… everyone wearing cozy sweaters and sipping simmering drinks… platters full of roasted (or fried if you’re from Mississippi πŸ™‚ turkey… bowls of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and, of course, dressing. We catch up on everyone’s year, celebrate the new ones (so grateful for our new one this year!) and remember the ones who have left us for a better place.

I love Thanksgiving because the act of giving thanks is something that should be celebrated… celebrated daily. To give thanks reminds me that I am so unworthy of all that my Lord has blessed me with. To give thanks teaches me to be grateful and most of all to be giving. To give thanks blesses me and stretches me.

So, as I count down the days until I get to head back home to Mississippi for Thanksgiving 2010, I am writing in my journal every day what I am thankful for. My list is quite long, but here are a few…

a roof over my head, Muddy’s cupcakes, sweet tea, Lydia’s grandparents, my favorite pillow, beautiful music, my sister and brother and cousins who are like sisters, antique shopping with Heather, getting to work with Amber and Liz, my church Highpoint, peanut M&Ms, Blue Bell’s new Caramel Turtle Cheesecake ice cream, bubble baths, exersaucers that keep baby girl happy while I cook dinner, my new little rosemary bush in the kitchen, the Bible Matt gave me at our rehearsal dinner, 2 crazy fun dogs, one adorable baby girl and my best friend to enjoy it all with.

And of course… the One who so richly blesses me and loves me even though I most definitely do not deserve it. To my Lord and Savior, thank you, Father, for loving me and for saving me. I don’t want a day to go by that I don’t thank you for giving me life and life more abundant.

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