Here and There

Here and There

I am giddy right before a vacation, anxiously packing, doing last minute laundry, checking one more time, crossing items off my list… toothbrush-check, passport & plane ticket- check, pajamas-check, passport & plane ticket-check, camera bag-check, passport & plane ticket… you get the idea.

I love the feeling of walking through the airport, checking our bags and waiting to board the plane, and I especially love the feeling of landing at my vacation destination. My head is spinning with all the places I want to go, the foods I want to eat and the memories I want to make. Vacations have always been a big deal in my family. I remember countless summer trips to the beach, spring break trips to the mountains and, of course, hanging out with Mickey and Minnie. When Matt and I got married, we knew we wanted to continue that tradition with our family, and we even decided that instead of exchanging anniversary gifts every year, we would rather exchange memories. So, for the past five years we have taken an annual anniversary trip.

I am counting down the days (only 24 left!) until we go to New Orleans to celebrate our fifth anniversary, and we just booked our trip to Jamaica this summer to celebrate my sister’s graduation from high school. Three weeks after her first birthday, Lydia will be sporting a passport on her first international adventure. Since she went on her first trip to the beach at 5 weeks old, this seems a perfectly fitting way to celebrate her first birthday!

And just in case you’re wondering, I have a few other vacations that are only in the dream phase right now, but you never know 😉 I want to go to Seattle to visit my cousin, Alex, and eat Ranier cherries and fresh Pacific fish, shop in Pike’s Place Market, and sip coffee from the place where it all started. I want to go to Amsterdam and ride the canals, drink hot tea and learn Dutch. I want to go to Greece and see the white domes against the sapphire blue water. I want to eat feta cheese and drizzle olive oil on everything! And, lastly, I want to go to St. Thomas, my favorite place to visit so far. I want to hold Matt’s hand while we sit under the orange umbrellas staring at aqua water and let the sounds of steel drums carry us away…

One thought on “Here and There

  1. Oh my gosh, I had no idea you were a blogger! I have added you to my fave list…hope you are doing well! Talked to Jan yesterday & she said you guys were doing great. Hope to see you soon & meet that little Lydia!

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