This is how we roll…

This is how we roll…

You are a determined baby girl, that’s for sure. Passionate, committed and intense. You hung on until the last possible moment to enter this world making me wait two days past your due date to finally lay eyes on you. You eat every meal like it’s your last meal, even if it’s only an hour later (can’t imagine where you get that from). When you smile, your whole face smiles. Your eyes sparkle and those chubby cheeks turn the color of cotton candy, the pink variety of course.

And that fierce determination was in full force this morning… I laid you on your play mat while I put my makeup on. It was “tummy time” which is at best something you tolerate. You love to watch everything going on and your view is just a bit obstructed when you are laying on your tummy. I look over and you have “that look” in your eyes. Your shoulders are already twisted around and you are feverishly trying to concoct a way to get your legs to follow. And sure enough only seconds later, I look up and you are laying on your back. You did it. You weren’t going to give up. I want to watch it up close, so I flip you back over and before I can even get the video camera you have flipped again. Over and over, you do it while Momma is calling Daddy, Didi, KayKay and GranJan to tell them all about it.

Baby girl, don’t ever lose that determination. Smile with your whole face. Eat like it’s your last meal. Laugh so hard that your tummy hurts and your jaws ache. Cry the big, ugly tears that make your shoulders shake and help your heart heal . Hug your friends and hold them close. And tell your momma that you love her… because trust me… she loves you.

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