Five for Friday

Five for Friday

I am totally stealing the “Five for Friday” idea from our incredibly talented photographer, Elizabeth Wiggs.

1. Speaking of Elizabeth, we have Lyd’s 3 month pictures tomorrow… THREE MONTHS?!?! I can’t believe our baby girl is almost three months old already. Our oh so adorably chubby girl is full of joy, and I know Liz will capture that. I can’t wait to see how the pics turn out.

2. We have discovered Papa Murphy’s pizza. This take-and-bake pizza place makes fresh pizzas LOADED with all your favorite delicious toppings (veggies and pepperoni for me, all meats for Matt the carnivore) that you pick up and take home to bake. And it makes the perfect meal for Gleeza… yep, that’s where we watch Glee and eat pizza on the living room floor picnic style. It’s a theatrical, ooey-gooey, fun kind of night.

3. Matt and I are going on a date tonight to see Inception. Yes, I realize most of the world saw this months ago, but we’ve been a bit busy 😉

4. I’m majorly craving an iced cafe au lait and a beignet from Cafe du Monde… I’m inclined to blame this on the fact that we’ve been reading Lydia Goodnight, Nola every night.

5. I want to learn how to make my own picture frames… yeah, we’ll see how that goes. Me and power tools… well, that could be a dangerous idea 🙂

Happy Friday!

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