Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

My morning excitement… I am hanging Lyd’s clothes in her closet while she goes down for a nap. I see a spider down on the floor (reminder- me and creepy crawlies do not mix). I grab one of her shoes (that she has yet to wear because it is blazing hot this summer) and try to kill the spider. The tiny shoe doesn’t work and said spider goes into hiding in the closet. Now it is on… I will find the spider and I will send it to spider heaven. I drag out each item in the closet shaking it to make sure he’s not clinging on for dear life. Finally, I see him in the corner. I grab the heaviest thing I can use to swat him (happened to be my library book… sorry, Cordova Library) and pound him until I am sure he is dead. The whole time this is going on Lydia somehow manages to peacefully drift asleep. Happy Friday!

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