Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Last week, Matt and I were in an “ole” kind of mood and we made spicy chicken fajitas, the kind that leave your nose running from all the heat. What made them even better was using the cast iron skillet my daddy gave me that came from my great-grandmother. The cast iron skillet now has the place of honor in my kitchen.

It rightfully deserves that pedestal because last week that hundred year old skillet made the most delicious fajitas I have ever tasted. The sizzle of crisp green peppers as they hit the pan, the smell of sweet onions caramelizing and the color of jalapeno slivers with just the right amount of charring… ahh, delicious!

Oh, and the napkins… those were a Pottery Barn outlet find I just couldn’t resist! Plus, your nose is going to need a napkin once you taste the heat in these!

Liss & Matt’s Fajitas
– 3 Bell peppers (red, yellow & green)
– 1 large onion (the sweeter the better)

– 5 jalapenos (we like it hot!)

– fajita seasoning
– chicken breasts

– taco shells

– toppings

I drizzle a little olive oil (get the good stuff) in the cast iron skillet and sweat out the onions until they get a creamy, caramel color. Julienne the peppers and throw them in. Once the peppers have some color, slice the jalapenos and add them too. Pour the veggies into another container. Add a bit more olive oil and saute the chicken and fajita seasonings in the same skillet. Once the chicken is cooked through, add the veggies back in and get ready to feast! Ole!

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