i’m a nerd… i know…

i’m a nerd… i know…

My job deals a lot with writing, website and widgets (I really just wanted another “w” :). I get RSS feed for a lot of blogs dealing with typography because I’m fascinated by it. You see… I’m a bit of a font junkie. When you ride in the car with me, I’ll often annoy you by naming fonts I see on signs or billboards. It’s addictive… I can’t stop.

I found the above picture on one of my favorite blogs- ilovetypography.com. This picture is two letter “O’s” from the font Futura. I can spot this font a mile away because it’s one of the two we use for Highpoint. The reason I include the picture is because everyone’s always said that the “o” in Futura is a perfect circle, but lo and behold… that is simply not true. You can see a slight oblong shape! I realize probably no one else cares about this most miniscule detail, but I love little things like this…

from your quirky, nerdy, detail loving friend,

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