Catch-up and Ketchup

Catch-up and Ketchup

The past week has been crazy busy, but full of wonderful times…

– My mom and Mamaw came to Memphis Friday night and we went to Abuelo’s for dinner. I got the mix and match enchiladas (one cheese with chili con carne and one avocado). They were so yummy! Plus, the papas con chile are to die for! I could eat a big bowl of those any day!

– Saturday, we ran the Bunny Run… that’s right! We RAN it! We finished the race (a feat in and of itself for us) in 33 minutes, so that’s like a ten and a half minute mile. Now, I realize we’re not going to be going for the Olympics anytime soon, but that’s really good for us. Now, we’re gonna start working on a 10K… woosh!

– The main reason for my lack of writing is that I have been sick since the middle of last week. The stress of Easter when you’re in ministry plus pollen on every static surface makes for sinuses that aren’t very happy… hopefully, relief will come soon.

– I’ll have to put up pictures later, but our backyard is looking much better this year! Last year, it looked like a jungle (literally, my sister-in-law looked outside last year and said, “Oh, it’s so tropical!” πŸ™‚ But this year, we have a new picnic table with herbs growing in little pots on top, two new red metal chairs that Matt’s mom gave us for Christmas, two new crabapple trees blooming like crazy (a surprise since we got them for 5 bucks at the end of the summer last year) and at last we are using our grill now! WOO HOO! We grill burgers at least once a week, and if you know me at all you know I have a fetish with sauces, so my burger has to have LOTS of ketchup!

So, there you go… catch-up and ketchup! Happy Monday!

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