Roberts Reunion

Roberts Reunion

What do you get when you mix 6 members of the Roberts family, 5 rambunctious but adorable dogs, 2 crazy hippos at the Memphis Zoo, 1 stolen Coletta’s menu and 1 slightly cracked cake courtesy of Mississippi roads… a weekend to remember!

For months, we’ve been saying we all needed to get together and we figured what better reason than to celebrate my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday. So, last Friday we all converged in Memphis to let the fun begin. Friday night, we went to the original Coletta’s and enjoyed a scrumptious BBQ pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread… all family style of course! Then came the unveiling of the slightly damaged but oh so delicious cake from Campbell’s bakery in Jackson where all of Ashley’s childhood cakes came from.

Saturday, we braved the cold and explored the zoo. The hippos put on a show for us, and we had a blast seeing all the animals. Matt and I had so much fun that I think we’re going to get a family pass. We got home and bundled up while Matt grilled up some yummy steaks, and of course I couldn’t let them come to Memphis without having Muddy’s cupcakes 🙂

Much love to all my Roberts Family, especially the wonderful one who decided to marry this girl!

One thought on “Roberts Reunion

  1. I loved your post! Scotty and I had the best time at the Roberts Reunion. Thanks for making the weekend so special. We will have to have many more reunions 🙂 We love y’all!

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