Paint and Petals

Paint and Petals

I took this picture Saturday while Matt was shooting a wedding in Pickens, Mississippi. Seeing the delicate, veiled petals of a fresh hydrangea beside a 150 year old wooden window with cracked paint and beautiful old glass captured my attention. I love old pieces of furniture, family heirlooms, keepsakes passed down from generation to generation. Even more, I love pairing those pieces with modern accents and new finds. In the old piece, you find a rich history, an enchanting story, a mystery waiting to be unfolded, and in the new you find a breath of fresh air, a clean start, a new creation just waiting to be loved. Put the two together, and I think you find what humans are really made of. I am only one person, but I carry with me the strength of those who went before me… a past that might have some cracking paint from mistakes made but underneath it carries a wisdom forged from lessons learned. And then I see the vibrancy of life, captured in a thousand tiny petals glimmering from the sun’s glow, each one offering a new opportunity, a new discovery, a new day to grow.

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