Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays

I hear my phone beeping… it’s telling me it’s time to get up… of course, it’s also telling me that it’s 4:30 AM. This is my Sunday morning routine. I was grateful that Matt had set the coffee maker this morning, so there was hot coffee waiting after I stepped out of the shower into our very cold house (I refuse to give MLGW a dime more than I have to).

Sunday mornings are a whirlwind… stage set-up, rehearsal, services and today we filmed a new project I’ve been working on called SML (Sunday Morning Live). More on that later!

So with the craziness of Sunday mornings, Matt and I usually take it pretty easy on Sunday evenings, and tonight was no exception. I am currently sitting on my sofa with Nola curled up on my left (snoring of course) and Allie stretched out to my right. I just finished a delicious piece of Primo’s strawberry cake. My parents and sister came to visit this week and they brought me my favorite confection! I’m sipping another cup of coffee and watching the Oscars with Matt. I love the creativity, the sets, the way they use media… and I’m really enjoying Hugh Jackman hosting this year. In another life, I would have been in Broadway… for tonight at least I can pretend.

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