To the moon and back…

To the moon and back…

I had this thought today… what would my life be like if I had never met you?

It’s impossible to even imagine life without you… our Saturday morning breakfasts, my first kiss ever ;), the time we argued about Memphis politics on the way to Oxford, the five times you’ve helped me move the best time being when we moved into our first home, screaming Roll Tide at the top of our lungs, all the weekend trips you made to Tuscaloosa during freshman year, our many, many “monthaversaries”, going to visit the ducks at Strawberry Patch Park, pizza and movie nights, Sunday afternoon naps, reading for hours at Barnes and Noble, our fabulous “ghetto-car” breaking down on I-55… twice!, seven cruises and counting, my frustration at your parking lot treks, more laughs than I could ever count and the way you look at me when we’re on opposite sides of the room making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

For all these reasons and a million more… I’m so glad I made the “mistake” I swore I’d never make again. Happy Valentine’s Day, Matthew! To the moon and back…

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