Crunchy yummies

Crunchy yummies

So, I’m at home today because the boss gave us several days off since we had to work a lot during the holidays… I have been writing the eNews for HP, and I had Rachael Ray on for background noise. She was doing a Q&A, one of the ladies asked her, “What weird foods do you like?” That got me to thinking about what weird food things I like. There are a BUNCH because I LOVE food, but there is one that always draws strange looks… when I eat fried shrimp tails…

I know, I know… right now, you’re turning up your nose. But, I love them! Every time we go back to Jackson, we have to go by Primo’s (see picture to the left) to get fried shrimp (and strawberry cake, but that’s another blog). I eat every last shrimp and every last tail with a little cocktail sauce of course! I don’t know what it is but I love that last little crunch… and of course, I have to leave a happy plate 🙂

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