Matt the Motivator

Matt the Motivator

My sweet husband, Matt has been pestering me for months to create a blog. I kept putting it off because I get to write creatively a little bit for work, and I told him I didn’t have enough to say to write any more than that. Of course, he knows better than anyone that shutting me up is next to impossible and proceeded to continue pestering. Well, it seems I have a few days off, and there’s absolutely nothing worth watching on TV or our DVR, so I figured… why not? And here we are…

In case you’re wondering why my blog is titled what it is… There are 1440 minutes in every day, and my goal is to enjoy every last one of them. Some are painful, some are exciting and many are just plain normal, but every minute has something to teach me, show me, challenge me and something worth celebrating… so celebrate… 1440.

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